4talent event: done!

17 Sep

The 4talent event at Zion Arts Centre in Manchester today was a huge success! Mark Ashmore and myself were manning the Future Artists stall at the recruitment fair in the afternoon, despite not having any jobs to offer! We met some great people from all over the country, from as far away as Edinburgh and Kent!

They were all very enthusiastic and seemed pleasantly surprised to chat to people who weren’t trying to convince them to get a job with a big media organisation (which most of the other stands were). It was great to show them what they could achieve if they do things on their own terms; a lot of them thought it was a great concept because they want to work in media but not in a job where they’re not in full control of what they’re making. There are clearly a lot of people out there with great ideas who just don’t know what to do with them and automatically go down the traditional career path because it’s all they’re taught at college and university because they simply don’t know that alternatives exist. We were greeted with a lot of shocked expressions when they said they wish something like Future Artists was happening in their area and we just told them to start their own! But that’s just what Future Artists is and I think we gave a few people a lot to think about, so it was mission accomplished!

He’ll hate me for posting this, but here’s the only photo I got from the day (note to self: must start taking more photos!) which shows Mark doing his thing and looking like he’s about to start a fight with someone!

Doesn’t he look chuffed? Don’t worry, he wasn’t speaking to anyone objectionable, he’d just spotted me trying to get a cheeky snap and I think I put him off a bit!

So overall it was a great success! Colin Campbell-Austin (@Colin4Talent) even tweeted a picture of us once we’d got ourselves set up! Very exciting! Check it out here: http://yfrog.com/kkwqovaj

Roll on November 12th, the next big Future Artists event at The Black Lion pub in Salford, which is now Future Artists HQ! We’re doing a workshop to show off Shot Number Three, more sleepless nights abound!



The Spectacular Shots Club


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