Come and see the Shot #3 workshop on November 12th!

5 Nov

Good afternoon dear reader!

There’s only one week to go until we’re presenting Shot #3 to the world and running a workshop on the whole production process. There’s going to be some serious midnight oil burned in the next few days to get it finished, and it would be really great if you could join us at ‘Bring The Noise’ – A Future Artists Live Creative Co-op day long event on Saturday 12th November at The Black Lion in Salford.

It’s going be a day long media feast with something for everyone, including:

  • workshops on crowdfunding, direct action and creativity
  • live music
  • networking sessions
  • tea and biscuits
  • open mic session to finish the night off
And it’s in a pub so we can all get drunk! For full details and to buy tickets, check out the Eventbrite page, and while you’re surfing, get yourself over to the Future Artists website for more information on what they’re up to. Come along, chat to people, and be inspired.
The Spectacular Shots Club

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