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Next meeting: April 3rd – Shot #4 and planning next project

27 Mar

Our next meeting is booked in and ready for YOU! That’s right, we’re meeting at Madlab on April 4th and you’re invited!

What’s happening at this month’s meeting:

We’ve been doing some experiments and tests to learn more about forced perspective, and we’ll be putting these into proper practice before the meeting; we’ll be filming a short sequence which we’re planning on screening at the meeting, along with some documentary/behind-the-scenes stuff showing how we did the shots. This will be a work in progress as the final edit will take a couple of weeks, but it’s a chance to see what we’ve learned and hopefully learn something! Here’s a little taster from some tests done a couple of weeks ago:

As well as this, we’ll be throwing around some ideas for the next project. If you’re the new to the group, here’s how it works:

  • We get people together who’re interested in learning about special effects
  • We discuss any techniques people want to try out, or specific shots they want to recreate
  • If enough people get on board with an idea, we do it!
A project generally sticks with one technique or ‘shot’ and explores different ways of doing it, but all input and ideas are welcome! The group is all about learning through collaboration and experimentation: bring your ideas, skills and enthusiasm and share them with the group, and we can all make cool stuff!

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For more information, email thespectacularshotsclub@gmail.com, leave a comment here, or get in touch with Madlab through the usual channels.